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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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Vikings: Shields in the Wall

“Shields in the Wall” is a Forged in the Dark Role-Playing Game about a group of Vikings; raiding, warring, and driving their enemies before them... But not really. It’s a game about the bonds and strains of friendship and family, forged in blood. It is about community building, accruing wealth and fame, and upholding or eschewing tradition. Eventually, should your Vikings survive the stress and trauma of The Wall, they will face new challenges: the fraught dangers of politics and the trappings of power. It is inspired by Norse history and mythology, but also by modern popular media representations of the Viking life. Although it draws on these touchstones, the moment it enters your hands, its world becomes yours, and is not beholden to canon, ‘authenticity’, or historical accuracy. The game is currently still in Beta Playtesting, and the designer will be running the sessions. Because of this, there will be aome flexibility to the system, and feedback will be highly appreciated!


This is a single session tabletop RPG using the Vikings: Shields in the Wall setting for 3 to 5 players


By Jamie Collette