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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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Pride of Ilyria

Dear Friend, will you accept this Invitation to join me on the maiden voyage of the "Pride of Ilyria"?   

This Remarkable new airship is constructed along Ingenious Principles that have allowed this craft to possess a Size and Grandeur which far outdoes even the best efforts of the famed Count von Zeppelin. The aptly-named "Pride of Ilyria" announces to all of Europe that the kingdom for which it is named, hitherto undistinguished in modern affairs, can no longer be overlooked in this exciting 19th Century. 

Once abord the "Pride", you shall travel from Ilyria to Paris in the finest Luxury, and enjoy the company of the Eminent Personages who will be aboard for this prestigious journey: His Royal Highness, King Orsino, monarch of Ilyria; Faerie Lord Cesario; Miss Maria Delgado, the Castilian Nightingale; Dr Aleksei Zarkov, the Polymath Engineer whose Genius devised this airship; and many other Notables besides.  

You should pack formal wear, dueling sabre, a stout heart, and impeccable taste.

I can promise you Intrigue, a whiff of Scandal, and Deadly Peril!


A game for 3-6 European adventurers. No knowledge of the Castle Falkenstein rules is necessary. 


Celebrating 25 years of daring steampunk adventure in the world of Castle Falkenstein. Developed by K Finlayson from a scenario by Ken and Jo Walton in arcane magazine #18.