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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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St. Drongos School for Clever Sheilas and Blokes

Congratulations {student name}. You have been selected to represent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in our new student exchange program! Over the next six months you will be fully immersed in the culture and lifestyle of our cousins “down under” at St. Drongos School for Clever Sheilas and Blokes.

Now don’t let the name fool you, the Australian school has Juarez’s as much pride, sophistication and history as our own. Indeed, the school you will be attending has existed, in one way or another, for over forty thousand years!

To prepare for this experience, please familiarise yourself with the St.Drongos school handbook, which will inform you of your new school house, and “Dangerous Magical Creatures of Australia, volumes 1 through 37”

Good luck on your adventure!

Best Regards,

Rubeus Hagrid

Hogwarts Headmaster



This is a single session tabletop RPG using the Genesys RPG system for 3 to 6 players


By Stephen Marsh