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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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Captain Courageous Must Die!


Supervillainy used to be a pretty sweet gig. Fame and fortune, your own underground lair, dread legions to strike fear into the hearts of the good people of Valiant City. Sure, you got foiled by superheroes a lot, but at least they foiled you in a way you could come back from, y’know? You got to do your thing, the heroes got to do their thing, the civilians got to watch... it was an arrangement that worked for everyone.

Then HE showed up.

The greatest superhero never to walk the face of the planet. He Who Can Do No Wrong. Mister Sun-Probably-Does-Shine-Out-His-Backside.

Captain Courageous.

I mean, really, who does this jerk think he is? Appearing out of nowhere, going around single-handedly protecting the city, not respecting the boundaries of superheroism and putting respectable villains like you out of business! If you don’t do something about this fast, you can kiss your memberships in the Diabolical Order Of Masterminds goodbye!

There’s only one thing for it. You’ll have to put your egos aside and… ugh… work together. Because if there’s anything you can all agree on, it’s this: CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS MUST DIE!

Assuming you all don’t kill each other first, anyway.

CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS MUST DIE! is a game for 3-6 supervillains, using FATE Core. System knowledge not required - newcomers welcome! They called you mad, but you’ll show them. YOU’LL SHOW THEM ALL.

A single session game using The FATE Core system for 3 – 6 Players
By Jake Nelson