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Welcome to SYDCON 2022

Saturday 1st October - Sunday 2nd October

North Ryde RSL Sports Club
146-150 Vimiera Road, Marsfield, 2122


SYDCON is a role-playing convention run by the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association. It runs each year in October in Sydney.
SYDCON is a chance for both new and experienced role-players to play games prepared by our friendly team of volunteer gamemasters. Our SYDCON convention originally started out small but has grown to become one of the friendliest role-playing conventions in Australia.

New to role-playing? Never been to a role-playing convention before? Go to our Info page for answers and more detailed information.
A variety of game genres are available, including regular table-top games (such as Dungeons and Dragons), and ongoing campaigns.
Players may sign up individually or in teams of around four to six although there is room for smaller or larger groups. As well as role-playing, other types of games will also be on offer, including board games, miniature wargames, and collectible card games. See our games page for what's on offer this year.

Wings at North Ryde RSL Sports Club is a family bistro where everyone is welcome, there's no better place to have a casual meal with friends and family. It is a great little suburban club, with lots going on and enjoy a great restaurant - Wings, serving both Chinese and pub-style cuisine at value-for-money prices.

Registration is now open on Warhorn or

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Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society and other games have been uploaded.