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It is a condition of participation in the SYDCON convention and entry to all locations and venues (and their grounds) in which SYDCON is being held, that participants and their invitees agree to our Conditions of Entry.  


Injury can occur while a participant is attending SYDCON, engaging in, or watching, role-playing activities at SYDCON, or travelling to and from the Venues. The injury may result from the participant’s actions, the actions of others or equipment failure.

On some occasions, an injury can be serious (such as head injuries, dislocations, back injuries, concussion or broken bones). In very rare cases the injury can be life threatening or result in permanent disability. If a participant has a pre-existing injury, participating in a sporting activity could result in an exacerbation of that injury.

Participants could also suffer harm as a result of their personal property being lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.


To ensure the safety of all those attending SYDCON, SRGA maintains a strict weapons policy.

Anyone found to be possessing or using any weapon or replica that is prohibited by the Weapons Prohibition Act 1988 (NSW) will be immediately expelled from the convention without refund and will be reported to the police. 


SYDCON is a smoke-free convention. There is no smoking allowed at any convention venues (except maybe the pub if they allow it).


Alcohol and illicit drugs of any kind are strictly forbidden at the conventions venues (except drinks at the pub).


All people attending, must wear their convention wristband where it is easily visible, whilst on the St Scholasticas campus.


This year we are imposing a 15 minute limit on late starters. Your GM will wait for you for 15 minutes past the official start time for the session. If the GM does not hear from any member of your team, they may declare the session cancelled.  Similarly, if your GM does not turn up within that 15 minutes, or provide some indication of a revised starting time, you may claim a tournament fee refund. You are welcome to arrange another session (where possible) and discuss your problem with the tournament and/or convention organisers.  

If you cannot make a session, please contact us before it is supposed to begin.  Refunds are at our discretion, and vastly more likely should you inform us before the event.  Remember:  Games often have a minimum number of players, so if you register for something and then do not show up, that game might very well not run, leaving the other people who signed up with you disappointed.