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What is SYDCON

What is a role-playing convention?
A role-playing convention is a gathering centered around playing role-playing games. SYDCON is a chance for gamers to gather together and play games, discuss their hobby and enjoyed a relaxed, social atmosphere
Why come to SYDCON?
If you've never been to a role-playing convention before, SYDCON is your chance. Conventions are a great place to try out new games you haven't played before at minimal cost. They're also a chance to meet new gamers. Many of our attendees have developed regular gaming groups with people they've met at SYDCON. 
If you've never role-played before, SYDCON is the perfect chance to try it for the first time. For $6 - $9 you can 'try before you buy' and we're always happy to help out beginners. No prior rules knowledge is required for any of our games. If you find you're keen to continue with the hobby, the organisers of SYDCON are all experienced role-players and we can offer you advice on all things role-playing. You should also check out our 'What is Roleplaying' and 'New to Conventions' pages for more information. 
When and Where

When is SYDCON?
SYDCON is run on the October long weekend every year. 

Attending the convention 

We are all here to have fun. It's important to recognise that everyone contributes to the successful running of the convention and that everyone should therefore enjoy the convention. So please note the following:

  • Many problems can be avoided by communication. If you are going to be late to a session, PLEASE inform those involved in that session (GM, other players). There will be a Noticeboard at the Convention where you can leave messages; if you're off-site, you can use the Emergency Phone Number to let your team/GM know when you'll be arriving. A little bit of mutual courtesy goes a long way.
  • If you have any problems of any kind, please talk to the other players/GM/organisers. Problems are (sadly) inevitable, but everyone involved will do their best to fix things up to the satisfaction of all involved.
  • Be on time for your sessions (both players and Game Masters!) If you are late you'll hold up other teams and Game Masters. Actual playing time in each three-hour block is closer to 2.5 hours and there are generous breaks between sessions.
  • This year we are imposing a 15-minute limit on late starters. Your GM will wait for you for 15 minutes past the official start time for the session. If the GM does not hear from any member of your team, they may declare the session cancelled.
  • Similarly, if your GM does not turn up within that 15 minutes, or provide some indication of a revised starting time, you may claim a tournament fee refund. You are welcome to arrange another session (where possible) and discuss your problem with the tournament and/or convention organisers.
  • Remember that the organisers and Game Masters are all volunteers. Most are overworked, and often tired and respond well to courteous, cooperative and fun players. The reverse also applies. Remember: too little sleep and too much caffeine does not a happy gamer make.
  • Sometimes a game at the Convention will not match your expectations or initial impressions as based on the Entry-form. You can either go along with the spirit of the game anyway or, politely withdraw from the game and (try to) enter another that suits you better. Similarly, if a GM feels uncomfortable with your approach to the game or your expectations of him/her, they will help you arrange another session with another GM or recommend that you withdraw from the game.