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When: Saturday 1 - Monday 3 October
Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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Game and Events

We're still building up our list games and events. Keep checking back here for more information


Usually presented in one to two sessions, tabletops are roleplaying games intended for 5-6 ad-hoc or team-based players. Some designers choose to use published system materials, whereas others prefer to utilise modified rules, their own custom ruleset, or sometimes no rules at all.

Die with Honour Salvatore ContiDungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition or 5th Edition
NachthexenJames LaytonNight Witches
Master Wu's MarriageAlessandro ManaCall of Cthulhu
Grand Theft HadesPenelope O'RanceScion
Pride, Prejudice and RoleplayingHayley GordonHigh Society System
What is best in life?Gavin LucanBarbarians of Lemuria
The First Cuts Are The DeepestAndrew CarterIron Crown’s SPACEMASTER
The Mournland Falchion Jake NelsonSavage Worlds
Hell Comes to Terra NullusRay DuellRapture: The End of Days
Yesterday’s LightRich and MuzTRAVELLER
The DerelictSandy Petersen and Mike MasonCall of Cthulhu
Easy MoneyAce Colhound20 Modern
InfectedOliver R. SheadInfected

Freeforms & Live Action Roleplaying Games (LARPs) are larger games usually intended for anyway from 10 to 60 players. Players are typically encouraged to physically "act" out the role of their character and the games are almost always based on a custom designed system or no system at all.

The Situation RoomMelissa MarshFreeform
Special Events
Special events cover any sort of individual or unusual activity offered by the designers or the organisers of the convention. They often provide ample opportunity for both individual players and teams to socialise with their gaming peers in a fun and sometimes competative environment.
Board Games & PizzaStacey PurcellCasual Event
Pathfinder Society
Following the release of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, Paizo Publishing continued to release their Pathfinder series of game books using the existing 3.5 edition rules. Pathfinder Society is Paizo's organised play network, designed to offer games at conventions & other gaming events.
Pathfinder Society Quest: The Silverhex ChroniclesJosh Foster, Scott Sharplin and Walter SheppardPathfinder
Pathfinder Society Quest: Phantom Phenomena Brian Duckwitz, Cole Kronewitter, and Nicholas MilasichPathfinder
Pathfinder Society Quest: Honor's EchoEleanor Ferron, Jenny Jarzabski, and Landon WinklerPathfinder
#5–08: The ConfirmationKyle BairdPathfinder
#6–10: The Wounded WispThurston HillmanPathfinder
#8-01: Portent's PerilScott SharplinPathfinder
#8-02: Ward AsunderMikko KallioPathfinder
#8-03: Captives of ToilMike KimmelPathfinder
#7–98: Serpents' IreJohn ComptonPathfinder
#8-04: Wardens of Sulfur Gulch (Tier 7-11)TBAPathfinder
#8-05: Ungrounded but Unbroken (Tier 1-5)TBAPathfinder
Fellowship of the White Star
Fellowship of the White Star is a living campaign set in semi-historic Edwardian Earth, with a horror atmosphere that is hidden from the view of the common people. Magic and Evil exist, but so do the Heroes willing to fight it. Players can create their own adventurers, from cowboys battling Dracula's zombies in haunted mines, to archaeologists investigating unspeakable crimes in Imhotep's Egyptian tombs, to British soldiers weeding out voodoo cults in Jamaican jungles. 
B511: Silver BellsVictor LongFellowship of the White Star
Learn to Roleplay
Learn to Roleplay (L2RP) are specially designed sessions that act as an introduction to roleplaying in general and to systems may not have played before. Perfect for beginners, or those keen to learn new systems, L2RP is a chance to experience different genres/styles of role-playing.
L2RP: The Takeover At Whisper BaseStar Wars: Age of Rebellion
D&D Adventurers League
The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official organized play campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. You can play D&D Adventurers League games at any place that features adventures bearing the D&D Adventurers League logo. You can create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League is supported.
Core 1-1 A Scream in the NightD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Core 1-2 A Cog in the WheelD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Core 1-3 A Hole in the WorldD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Hill 1-1 ArrivalD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Hill 1-2 ExodusD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Hill 1-3 ResurgenceD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Phlan 1-1 SepultureD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Phlan 1-2 Enemy of My EnemyD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
Phlan 1-3 SubterfugeD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E
DDAL05-01 Treasure of the Broken HoardD&D Adventurers LeagueD&D 5E