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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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Battlecry Royalist Freeform

The Lands of Markoth are at war yet again, and the Royalist Alliance has been gaining ground with minimal losses until recently. It's uniting forces seem to be fraying at the edges and the alliance seems all but lost with petty arguments and squabbles among leaders. Danger of the Empire regaining it's coordination rises and time is off the essence. 

High Lord Elect Matthias Ambruis of Darkmoor calls a meeting of all Kings, Queens, and Lords in the Alliance. He seeks to re-organise and regather the bickering and dysfunctional rabble that was once a force to overthrow the Empire

Should they succeed, the Alliance will strengthen it's grip on Markoth, threatening the Throne itself.  

Failure, spells a crushing end to the rebellion, and a public death for each of the nobles at this very table.


This is a single session Freeform/LARP using the Battlecry LARP setting for 15 - 35 players