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Where: St Scholastica's College, Glebe
Cost: $6/session (unless specified otherwise)

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Alien vs Predator: Blood War

As members of the Colonial Marine Expeditionary Force, on very edge of the human sphere, you are the first to encounter the... things ... that the universe has in store for humanity. Tasked with keeping an eye on a Yautja city-sized mothership and the comings and goings of the 'Predators' as they hunt for Xenomorphs and sometimes of humans. So you always knew things could go from bad to worse quickly. But you never expected... THIS.

You are Yautja. You and your kin are life eternal. The stories you make are of hunts and honor. These are what bind the Yautja. Living stories. You have been watching the Humans. They grow in number. In threat. They are fine prey.  Now as deadly as the Fire Dragons. And so you hunt them. But you never hunted... THIS.

In this episodic set of scenarios, set in the Alien vs Predator universe, you take on the role of either Colonial Marines or Predator hunting packs. Each episode is discrete mission (for the Marines) or story (for the Predators) in it's own right. But what happens in each episode will set in motion events for the following episodes. 

Taken together, we weave the epic tale of the Blood War - of terrors far older than either species. And far more dangerous.

The fate of Humanity and Yautja will be decided... in the Blood War.

This is a multi session tabletop RPG using the Rapture (d10 cinematic) setting for 4 - 6 players. Players can play in as many or as few of the sessions (episodes) of this game as they wish, as each is different, though interrelated. At the start of each game session, the players get to collectively decide if they wish to be Marines or Predators.

A great set of scenarios for novice gamers - so bring your friends and join in the cinematic action.

By Joseph Sweeney